Workshop Plan

Each Workshop roughly follows this schedule :

  • Introduction to Freestyle Football
  • 5 minute Freestyle Football Demonstration
  • Teaching of 10-15 Freestyle Tricks (see below)
  • Fun Freestyle Games
  • Demonstration of Freestylers Hardest Tricks
  • Q&A session with the Freestyler

Tricks List!

  1. Basic Flick-up
  2. Foot Stall
  3. Basics to Juggling
  4. Rocket Launcher
  5. Reverse Rocket Launcher
  6. Spinning Rocket Launcher
  7. Toe-Bounce
  8. Spin Magic
  9. Neck Stall
  10. Neck Stall press-ups
  11. Blind-Heel
  12. Head Stall
  13. Shoulder Stall
  14. Carousel
  15. Arm Rolls
  16. Finger Spin
  17. Sit-down Juggling
  18. Around the World
  19. Hop the World
  20. Cross-over

Important Workshop Information

Workshop Length : 30-90 minutes

Workshop Size : 8 - 35 pupils

*This is a general guide to an average workshop at Freestyle Football Workshops. We are more than happy to tailor the workshop plan to suit your schools specific needs!*

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