National Literacy Trust

Jamie has been a great ambassador for our Skills Academy programme, using the interest and excitement of freestyle football to motivate many students inside and outside of the classroom. The skills kids practise with Jamie help them with self-confidence, creativity and focus. Freestyle football is fun for all and Jamie knows just the right techniques to help kids learn and have fun!

National Literacy Trust / London


John Keble Primary School

Jamie was great, the children were mesmerised by his skill and they couldn’t wait to learn some tricks for themselves. They loved the workshops and it helped our pupils to focus and improve their resilience. I would definitely recommend Jamie for a fun and exciting day packed full of skills, tricks and aspiration.

John Keble Primary School / North West London


St John the Divine Church of England Primary School

The Freestyler visited our school to do freestyling workshops with our children from Nursery to Year Six. Each class had a fantastic time trying new skills and tricks. He was friendly and could explain how to do the tricks clearly for the children to understand. He was positive and encouraging as they persevered! Many had mastered some new skills by the end of their sessions and have since been practising their new skills on the playground. Would definitely recommend for some fun whole-school workshops.

St John the Divine Church of England Primary School / London


Tregadillett Primary

The children (and staff!) were totally inspired by the workshops. The kids have been practicing the tricks in the playground for weeks after Jamie's visit. The day went down really well for both the kids and staff and we will definitely be using Freestyle Football Workshops again!

Tregadillett Primary / Cornwall


Cordwalles, Pine Ridge and Lorraine Schools

“If you are ever looking for something different to spend your sports premium that will have a legacy and encourage your children to be more active, I can't recommend Jamie Knight highly enough. He has being running workshops all day today, teaching freestyle skills after a presentation assembly and hosted a 'cosy' masterclass session after school linking the skills with transitions into a sequence. He is coming back to work at our infant schools tomorrow! He is very child centred in his approach, supportive and approachable. The Cordwalles children were smiling from ear to ear, as were the teachers.”

Cordwalles, Pine Ridge and Lorraine Schools / Camberley


SCL Education Through Sport

Jamie was fantastic with the children and they could really relate to him! His skills were amazing and even had some of the coaches baffled. His coaching of the skills was easy to follow and gave the children the support they needed! We would definitely use Jamie again!

SCL Education Through Sport / Surrey

Match of the Day Magazine

This was a memorable experience. Everyone had a smile on their face and seemed to come away with something. There was lots of opportunity to accomplish something, be it landing a trick or coming away with the tools to practice a trick with a view to mastering it. It was also incredible to witness one of the world’s best freestylers up close and left me with an appreciation of the skill levels these people have.

Match of the Day Magazine / London

Brentside Academy Primary School

Jamie was fantastic with the children and engaged them all in some great activities. The children loved learning new skills and are still practicing them in the playground. It was lovely to see children of all sporting abilities having a go at something new.

Brentside Academy Primary School / London

Brandlehow Primary School

Fantastic day for all of the children, every child was engaged and were in awe of Jamie and wanted to copy him and learn from him. It was such a super day that we are getting Jamie in again to work with some more children soon! It was a brilliant day had by all (teachers and children), the children have already told me that they were practising the skills at home last night that they learnt yesterday. I would definitely recommend this workshop to everyone!

Brandlehow Primary School / London

St Christopher School

Everyone at our school thoroughly enjoyed having Jamie! The pupils had a brilliant time experiencing Freestyle Football and many of them are still talking about Jamie and his tricks to this day! The way he engaged with the pupils was excellent and we will definitely be happy to have Jamie back again soon.

St Christopher School / Hertfordshire

Wilton Focus School

We would rate Freestyle Football Workshops 5/5 for the session and the students thought Jamie was absolutely brilliant. Feedback from all of them was very positive and as soon as the session ended they were researching Jamie on the internet!

Wilton Focus School / Salisbury

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