QDo you run workshops at Secondary Schools?

Yes! We also run workshops for all secondary school year groups. We tend to make the tricks slightly more difficult. The presentation at assembly is also more guided towards encouraging young adults to pursue their passions and turning their passion into a sustainable business. 

QWhat year groups benefit most from Freestyle Football Workshops?

We have found that all primary and secondary school year groups enjoy the workshops! Even the youngest groups still have a great time in even attempting the tricks and they especially enjoy watching the freestylers performance at the beginning of the workshops. 

QDoes the school have to provide a music system / speaker?

No - The Freestyler will bring a portable speaker with them to the workshops.

QDo the pupils have to be in PE Kit?

P.E kit is preferred but this will ultimately come down to the school.

QCan we book more than one days worth of workshops?

Yes! Schools can book consecutive workshop days. Just get in touch with us and we can work out a fair discounted price per workshop if bought in bulk.

QDoes the school have to provide the footballs for the workshops?

Yes we ask the schools to provide the footballs. One ball between two is fine!

QHow many pupils do you cater for in one workshop?

Ideally we would like there to be at least 8 pupils and a maximum of 30 - just to maximise the amount of one-to-one attention the Freestyler can give each pupil. If you feel your school will exceed these limits - this can be addressed when booking a workshop. 

QHow long does each workshop last?

We totally base the length of the workshop based on your schools specific needs / class times but generally they last anywhere between 30 - 90 minutes.

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